Clearstone FTO for In-House Patent Teams

We help in-house patent teams better manage and deliver on FTO requirements, mitigate patent infringement risk and foster critical collaboration with internal stakeholders in an efficient manner, ultimately delivering better commercial outcomes to the business they support.

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Comprehensive and richer claims analysis enable better business outcomes

  • Control information disclosure with user-specific access delegations and have peace of mind that attorney-client privilege is safeguarded throughout the life of a project 
  • Positions and arguments from previously reviewed patents and technical rationale are easily referenced to ensure consistency. 
  • Scale, respond and prioritize results faster while delivering more complete and enriched claims analysis 

Assess, Respond and Collaborate Faster

  • Improve project organization, efficiency, and timescales allowing you to scale and respond faster
  • Enhance attorney-client collaboration and communication to reduce operational drag on project stakeholders
  • Easily-reference technical rationale and arguments from previously reviewed patents to drive consistency in legal positions
  • Optimize legal budgets achieved through technology-enabled efficiency gains

Simplify Collaboration with Technical Teams

These benefits extend to R&D and product teams throughout the FTO process by streamlining communications and review requests in a clear and focused manner as well as eliminating redundant and duplicative tasks common in manual FTO work

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Every day, thousands of users around the globe rely on Clearstone FTO to manage and collaborate on product clearance, freedom to operate, and patent infringement analysis.

What our customers are saying:

❝The Clearstone FTO Platform makes the FTO process easy and intuitive. It enabled us to easily recall our notes, comments and earlier determinations regarding a previously searched reference which helped to ensure analysis quality and reduced the chance of missing a claim while saving considerable time in completing the analysis.❞

-Carlyn Burton

Partner, Osha Bergman Watanabe & Burton, LLP

❝We’re in a stronger position because of the competitive monitoring we’ve been able to do with Clearstone FTO.❞

-Senior IP Counsel

International Public Company

❝It is simply the best product on the market and I must have it.❞

-IP Counsel

Medical Device Company

❝If I could wave a magic wand and create the exact system I wanted, it would essentially be this system.❞

-IP Portfolio Manager & Patent Attorney

Leading Global Manufacturing Company

❝I am not aware of any other system that can support us with claims assessments like the Clearstone FTO Platform can. The efficiency gains are numerous, it provides a clear view of potential risks and makes it easier to confidently communicate those risks to leadership❞

-Patrick Traister

Chief IP Counsel, Braskem