ClearstoneIP is excited to announce that Clearstone FTO’s AI suite is ready to revolutionize patent analysis and streamline the patent clearance process! Features include instant design-around analysis, thorough infringement and invalidity assessments, automated claim chart generation, specification support extraction and more! Leveraging advanced AI technology, Clearstone FTO ensures you have the most advanced tools for your Freedom To Operate (FTO) evaluations. We are inviting select clients to experience this transformative tool for free in its Beta phase – keep reading to find out how you can participate!

Revolutionizing Patent Analysis with AI

Instant Design-Around Analysis

Clearstone FTO’s AI Suite offers instant design-around analysis, enhancing patent evaluation efficiency. Using your own data, Clearstone FTO can assist in identifying alternative designs to avoid infringement. Analyzing existing patents and suggesting modifications, it quickly helps determine the best course of action to reduce your risk of infringement and get your products to market quickly. The intuitive interface allows real-time suggestions of design changes, facilitating collaboration between legal and technical teams. Clearstone FTO aids in bringing products to market faster and with less risk.

Infringement and Invalidity Assessments

Clearstone FTO’s AI Suite provides lightning fast and accurate infringement and invalidity assessments. Clearstone FTO + AI evaluates patent claims against global patent data, flagging potential conflicts accurately. It also assesses the validity of patents, identifying weaknesses for defensive strategies. Automating these assessments improves accuracy, providing deeper insights into your analysis, while reducing the time spent. This efficient process accelerates product time-to-market while safeguarding your innovations.

Automated Claim Chart Generation

Clearstone FTO + AI automates the creation of detailed claim charts, aligning patent claim elements with product features or prior art, reducing the time spent on this sometimes tedious and time-consuming task. Supporting infringement and invalidity analyses, it provides a clear view of potential issues, improving communication and collaboration between teams. Companies can streamline patent clearance, reduce litigation risk, and accelerate product development.

And much more!

Exclusive Beta Access

Benefits of Early Adoption

Early adoption of Clearstone FTO’s AI Suite offers many benefits. Beta users gain early access to the full set of tools to streamline the patent clearance process, familiarizing themselves with advanced features like instant design-around analysis and automated claim chart generation. Early feedback directly influences the final product. During the Beta phase, users will find immediate benefits by saving time in patent clearance, usin ghte power of data to reduce infringement risks and ensuring better, quicker, faster FTO evaluations. Early adoption positions you and your organization as industry leaders, equipped with advanced tools for navigating complex patent landscapes. Register today!

How to Participate

Requesting access to participate in the Beta phase of Clearstone FTO’s AI Suite is simple. Interested parties can request to participate by submitting the following form: If selected, you will be able to explore the AI Suite’s full capabilities at no cost during the Beta phase. We know that user feedback is the best way to improve, so we ask for your honest feedback during the Beta period. Don’t miss this chance to revolutionize your patent clearance process. Secure your Beta spot today – we are only accepting applications until August 31, 2024!