The Digital Review



The Digital Review

The new standard for digitally transformed freedom-to-operate and patent clearance investigations.

FTO Request from R&D
Risk Mitigation Response
Revisit FTO
at Next Milestone

Identify Subject Matter of FTO

  • Understand and define product and feature details that are the subject of the analysis
  • Create product record in Clearstone FTO

Conduct Patent Search

  • Perform patent search using Clearstone FTO’s integrated search function or obtain list of patents from other sources
  • Create a new Digital Review in Clearstone FTO containing the search results

Review Patent Claims

  • Review patents in Clearstone FTO with a dedicated interface for capturing claim-by-claim analysis
  • Mark first-pass determinations with structured, functional statuses
  • Dive deeper with claim text highlighting and annotations to record non-infringement and invalidity positions
  • Flag items for technical review

Loop in Technical Experts

  • Invite technical experts to the Digital Review with role-based access profiles
  • Technical experts see a focused view of information and flagged items to efficiently respond to requests and queries
  • Collaboration occurs in real-time and in parallel, eliminating hand-off delays

Resolve Final Determinations

  • Review input from technical experts and make final assessments
  • Consider risk mitigation options such as designing around, non-infringement and invalidity positions, licensing, etc.

Report Risk Assessment to R&D

  • Communicate “go” or “no-go” decisions, workarounds, next steps, whether to involve other parties
  • Capture final dispositions in Clearstone FTO
  • Note areas to revisit in future

The Digital Review

A structured FTO review process for efficient knowledge-sharing, communication, and collaboration all while preserving attorney-client privilege.

Multiple levels of stored functional patent analysis, actionable to memorialize positions, trigger subsequent actions, and demonstrate results.

Point-in-time connections between the specific products under review and the decision-making that led to their clearance.

Instantly accessible historical analysis for every patent ever reviewed, ensuring consistent positions over time and the elimination of duplicative work.

Tribal knowledge converted into explicit knowledge for institutional gain.