Clearstone FTO

Accelerate patent clearance and product development with a centralized freedom-to-operate workflow management platform that builds leverageable institutional knowledge.

Review patents faster than ever before

With Clearstone FTO's integrated patent review interface, you can make determinations on a claim-by-claim basis with instant, real-time synchronization in shared reviews. Highlight claim text, annotate, tag, and comment seamlessly.

No spreadsheets needed, but you can export instantly to Word or Excel if you really want to.

Don't Reinvent the wheel: Leverage your Prior Analysi

Patent clearance analysis is product-specific, but Clearstone FTO's unique review architecture enables you to leverage prior work for current projects so you can avoid duplicative effort and so that claim positions are consistent.

Building institutional knowledge around freedom-to-operate is now automatic and intuitive.

Share Patent Reviews with Role-Based Access

Easily share patent reviews with colleagues, counsel, engineers, or business heads. Anyone with a Clearstone FTO account, free or premium, can receive and contribute to a shared review.

With special access profiles for technical and legal reviewers, you decide who gets access to your shared reviews, and how much access they have.

Integrate Product Development for Effective Clearance and Demonstrable Diligence

Our product-centric approach makes it easy to integrate your product development cycle into a comprehensive freedom-to-operate and clearance process. Associate patent reviews to specific products and aspects, and quickly access historical product analyses. Clearstone FTO gives you a robust repository for demonstrable diligence.

Review a set of patents against several product variations or product lines at the same time with the ability to make different determinations for different products. Clearstone FTO's Multi-Product Review feature makes this process intuitive and highly functional.

Product Management is available in Professional and Enterprise accounts.

Multi-Dimensional REcord-Keeping

It's all connected. Patents, products, documents, reviews - all navigable and manipulable in a single platform for unprecedented agility and insight. Custom reports, real-time graphical status indicators, and workflow management bring it all together.

Secure Technology

With state-of-the-art security features and access-anywhere technology, it's no wonder that in-house legal departments and law firms are increasingly adopting cloud-based services for critical collaborative activities.

Clearstone FTO uses industry-leading encryption and authorization technology to safeguard your work. Confidentiality and privacy are essential to any legal and R&D work, and our platform makes no exception.

Everyday thousands of Patent Professionals and R&D Leaders Globally Rely on the ClearstoneIP Platform to Manage and Collaborate on product clearance, freedom to operate and patent infringement-based analysis.

What our customers are saying:

❝The Clearstone FTO Platform makes the FTO process easy and intuitive. It enabled us to easily recall our notes, comments and earlier determinations regarding a previously searched reference which helped to ensure analysis quality and reduced the chance of missing a claim while saving considerable time in completing the analysis.❞

-Carlyn Burton

Partner, Osha Bergman Watanabe & Burton, LLP

❝We’re in a stronger position because of the competitive monitoring we’ve been able to do with Clearstone FTO.❞

-Senior IP Counsel

International Public Company

❝It is simply the best product on the market and I must have it.❞

-IP Counsel

Medical Device Company

❝If I could wave a magic wand and create the exact system I wanted, it would essentially be this system.❞

-IP Portfolio Manager & Patent Attorney

Leading Global Manufacturing Company

❝I am not aware of any other system that can support us with claims assessments like the Clearstone FTO Platform can. The efficiency gains are numerous, it provides a clear view of potential risks and makes it easier to confidently communicate those risks to leadership❞

-Patrick Traister

Chief IP Counsel, Braskem