Founding Team

The founders’ collective 40 years of patent industry experience, together with ongoing feedback from thousands of global users, enable FTO management best practices in the market’s only purpose-built, end-to-end patent clearance management platform.


Gabe Sukman Chief Executive Officer

Gabe has over 20 years of patent experience, including time as a USPTO examiner, registered patent prosecutor, and patent litigator. He is committed to solving some of the patent world's most pervasive problems by questioning conventional practices and shifting thought toward correct, logical solutions. He enjoys time in the mountains, especially while rock climbing, snowboarding, or mountain biking.


Jesse Sukman Chief Marketing Officer

Jesse conceived of the foundational idea behind ClearstoneIP with a strong vision for effective patent analysis and a natural inclination to challenge the status quo. He is a patent attorney with nearly 20 years of experience in law firm and in-house settings and is keenly aware of the difficulties faced by stakeholders throughout the intellectual property continuum. He enjoys hiking and snowboarding.


Joe Aliperti Chief Technology Officer

Joe co-founded ClearstoneIP with a passion for developing cutting-edge software. He studied at Cornell University and has 20 years of experience in high-tech fields, including flight simulation, facial recognition, and predictive modeling. He is excited to solve big data problems in the patent industry. When not in front a computer, Joe enjoys riding his motorcycle and photographing birds.

Every day, thousands of users around the globe rely on Clearstone FTO to manage and collaborate on product clearance, freedom to operate, and patent infringement analysis.

What our customers are saying:

❝The Clearstone FTO Platform makes the FTO process easy and intuitive. It enabled us to easily recall our notes, comments and earlier determinations regarding a previously searched reference which helped to ensure analysis quality and reduced the chance of missing a claim while saving considerable time in completing the analysis.❞

-Carlyn Burton

Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Braskem

❝We’re in a stronger position because of the competitive monitoring we’ve been able to do with Clearstone FTO.❞

-Senior IP Counsel

Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Braskem

❝It is simply the best product on the market and I must have it.❞

-IP Counsel

Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Braskem

❝If I could wave a magic wand and create the exact system I wanted, it would essentially be this system.❞

-IP Portfolio Manager & Patent Attorney

Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Braskem

❝I am not aware of any other system that can support us with claims assessments like the Clearstone FTO Platform can. The efficiency gains are numerous, it provides a clear view of potential risks and makes it easier to confidently communicate those risks to leadership❞

-Patrick Traister

Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Braskem